LitRPG Author: Will Stone

I'm currently working on a book with a working title of 'Hero Souls' that I plan to release late 2020.


Hero Souls is a LitRPG that draws upon the Eastern 'Isekai' genre as well as the typical gamified 'LitRPG' genre. If you want to read a story about an avid gamer in a fantasy world, fighting it out with magical creatures and dealing with heartbreaking tragedy and awesome achievements in equal measure, then I definitely recommend you give Hero Souls a read!

Will Stone is a Melbourne Author

As a Melbourne author I am a native Australian, but love my fans both abroad and domestic. I'm a huge fan of works by High Fantasy authors and Science-fiction authors such as Brandon Sanderson, Isaac Asimov, and everything in between! After reading for two decades, I've fallen in love with the world of literature out there and have now written every day for several years in my goal to one day join the ranks of these champions of the literary world. Yet with a full-time job, I've only been able to get a few hours a day in each morning by getting up at 5:45AM and writing like clockwork until it's time to go to work.

How I got my Story Writing Skills

I've spent many years refining my storytelling and short story skills with university classes, endless personal projects and a handful of local competitions. My usual style of improvement is to write a ton, read like a machine, and then figure out how to improve on what I achieved yesterday. In this manner I have churned out over a million words a year since my journey began, and plan to ramp up that pace as I build up more free time to write.