Hero Souls: Requiem

A Fantasy story for the gamers

Hero Souls is a LitRPG series.

Follow Kenji the intrepid Gamer as he uses the skills he learned gaming on Earth in a fantasy setting.

Transported to a fantasy world, Kenji must use his wit and special powers to compete against the 18 Evil Souls that seek to throw the world into chaos. Thinking quickly, Kenji wields his skills as a [Forbidden Mimic] to replicate the strengths, weaknesses and memories of others to outrun the Church, the King, the Three and the One.

Yet even with a fantastic power, fast-thinking cunning, and endless cultural references, nothing remains certain. Can Kenji thrive in this new magical world? Or will he fall before all those who would oppose him, and bring the people of Alandria down with him?